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All Children Should Feel Valued, Included, and Supported in Our
Public Schools

Our mission is to support policies that advance public education by developing critical thinking skills, civic engagement, diversity, equity,
and inclusion.

Disinformation about DEI is hurting our children and our schools

We're on a mission to fight back – using advocacy, expertise, and research.

What does Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) really mean?

Take the time today to learn more about DEI and its importance to our public schools. Change the conversation! Be inspiring!
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young black child sitting on a chair with a notepad holding a pencil to his head, thinking

Too many children feel unseen and excluded in their schools because they do not see positive examples that reflect their own identity.

This feeling of exclusion can cause emotional and mental distress and prevent children from achieving their full potential.

Long Island Strong Schools Alliance works to help these children by making our school environments more diverse, inclusive, and equitable.

We provide quick access to information, experts, training, and resources.

group of young kids with books ; some are reading and some have them on top of their heads

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Join other parents, students and community members who are working together to protect, preserve and help introduce DEI initiatives in our LI School Districts.

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